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Our History

The TOS DESIGN concept was born and began to develop in 1992, although we must wait until 2000 for the real foundation of the company.
The founder and creator is Stefano Cecchi, an enduro rider with proven experience who, at the age of 22, was already starting to work as director of the painting sector of a large Mercedes Benz center and where, a few years later, he will have the opportunity to get in touch with two importers of sportswear: one Italian and the other American.
His dream of creating a clothing line out of the ordinary and with a strong overseas footprint could finally come true!
That was how TOS was born!

Cecchi immediately came into contact with the American Supercross and some riders willingly accepted to wear this beautiful and extravagant line of clothing, so full of charisma and so close to their tastes. He registered the brand in the USA to get closer to that extraordinary world and help this small handcrafted jewel to emerge from the very strong competition overseas.
This is how TOS Design began to take shape.

His masterpiece are the long racing trousers with a double layer at the knee (patented). This feature together with the particular logo and the monochromatic colors enclosed the success of TOS.
The meeting with Team Manager Fabio Vallerini was also very important since, during the MX
World Championship in 2001, he trusted TOS so much that he made two of his riders wear those strange long pants: Bricca and Oddenino . It is therefore not surprising that, in such a classic and conservative environment as that of motocross, the experts were shocked but at the same time positively impressed. In this way, TOS managed to earn a special place within the racing design sector. The collaboration with Enrico Oddenino continued and, under the direction of Team Manager A. Massaglia, the driver obtained first place in a round of the World Championship and even placed himself among the top five in the same Championship!
Among the other fundamental collaborations in the path of TOS Design it is good to remember both the one with Jarno Boano (Beta Racing Team Manager of the international off-road) and the one with Beppe Diena, who currently takes care of the company's image, its creative development and collaborates in part on the design of some garments and the partnership with Beta Motor for the marketing of its brand.

On the other hand, marketing on the American market continues under the supervision of Mr. Kyle Krause, a veteran of the GNCC who takes care of having the garments carefully tested by test pilots who always give valuable information. The range varies from classic long MX suits to extreme enduro jackets or typical freestyle clothing.
Off-road gloves with extraordinary fit, protections and more from casual to freestyle style. Absolutely unmistakable style.


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